Vans Celebrates Mickey’s 90th With A New Collection To Be Released Next Month!

I had heard rumors about a new Disney x Vans Collection coming our way but the details were fuzzy. I was hearing all kinds of differing info on release dates and that was not acceptable to me. I found the answers! Vans is celebrating Mickey’s 90th with a new Collection and it is being released October 5th in stores.

This is not to be confused with the Vault by Vans Collection we have talked about recently. That Collection is already available. This Collection is being released in time to celebrate Mickey’s 90th on October 5th in stores with additional styles arriving November 16th.

The above photo is a sample of the styles that will be released (including some that will be released on November 16th). I don’t have specifics as to which designs are being released on which dates but at least now we have some idea as to what to look forward to!

These designs seem to represent Mickey across the different eras.  I see a fabulous pair of high tops that look like they are Sorcerer Mickey inspired. There are some pop inspired Vans with pastels and checks that are very 80s/90s inspired. The top pair (lace-up design) has Mickey in many different iconic roles across the years.

I think my favorite pair is the red, black and yellow pair. These aren’t overtly Mickey to the innocent eye but to a Disney fan they are plain as day. Think of how well these will pair with Disney Bounding looks!

There also appears to be a Minnie Mouse inspired pair that I adore. You may be wondering why Minnie has a pair in this collection. Did you know that both Mickey and Minnie share a birthday? She deserves a pair to commemorate her special day, too!

These new Vans celebrating Mickey’s 90th (and Minnie’s) will be available in stores October 5th with additional releases on November 16th. Do you see any that you have to have? Let us know your favorite design in the comment box below!


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