Wear Your Minnie Mouse Pride Around Your Neck

I have a lot of love for Minnie Mouse! Minnie is my style icon, my fashion muse, and my chic role-model. I love dressing in Minnie inspired outfits and finding new Minnie inspired items. These Minnie Mouse inspired necklaces are the perfect way to show off your Minnie pride all the time!


What better way to show you’re a Disney lover than with this Minnie Mouse Ears necklace? Wear your Minnie ears on your head and around your neck with this colorful and whimsical necklace.

Each pendant is crafted from Premo clay and placed on a stainless steel chain. Every charm is handmade and will be slightly different, so you will have a truly one of a kind piece!

When ordering, you can choose which bow color you would like your necklace to have. Choose from red, pink, green, or blue. Umm…can I just have one of each, please?

If you’re a fan of Minnie Mouse, this necklace is the perfect fashion statement. Just head over to TinyMagicKingdom on Etsy HERE to check it out.

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Monica V