We’re Mad For These New Alice In Wonderland Loungefly Bags

It looks like Loungefly bags might be getting a little curiouser and curiouser this spring! A whimsical new collection of Alice In Wonderland Loungefly Bags are expected this April, and we’re going mad for them! The collection will feature accessories inspired by Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and also the Dormouse!

Cheshire Cat Backpack

Alice In Wonderland Loungefly Bags

Now we have seen a Cheshire cat cosplay mini backpack before. However, I can assure you this one has some wonderful changes! The most noticeable upgrade to this bag is the dangling tail! This bag has a die-cut tail attached to the bottom of the bag, which is just adorable. Fun new zipper pulls have also been added, but these aren’t even the best part. The best part, in my personal opinion, is that this bag will glow in the dark! Can you just imagine? Cheshire’s eerie glowing grin floating behind you in the dark!

Mad Hatter Backpack

Alice In Wonderland Loungefly Bags

The Mad Hatter has been given his own cosplay mini backpack too! This bag brings the character to life with layers of appliques, embroidery, and printed details. A teacup zipper pull even accents the front pocket. The inside of this bag also has a teacup print lining!

March Hare Wallet

The wallet for this collection actually featured the March Hare! I am honestly loving that each piece is a different character. This wallet also has the same lining as the Mad Hatter Backpack! He also has a teacup zipper pull too! Gee all we’re missing is the Dormouse, and we’d have own our mad tea party!

Dormouse Cardholder

Oh wait, did we say Dormouse? Well, it looks like he is here too! The Dormouse is available as a cardholder. This cardholder also doubles as a key job and comes with a lobster claw clip. A pink teacup dangles from the cardholder’s keyring! The lining for the Dormouse cardholder also matches the Mad Hatter and March Hair!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for my own personal mad tea party! What do you think about these whimsical new Alice In Wonderland Loungefly Bags?

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