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Wicked New Lip Smacker Halloween Tsum Tsum Nail Polishes

Lip Smacker Halloween Tsum Tsum Nail Polishes

Well Tsum Tsum and Lip Smacker fans, if you thought the new Halloween Tsum Tsum Lip Balms were awesome, wait till you see their newest treat. The fun and youthful lip balm brand has announced new Lip Smacker Halloween Tsum Tsum Nail Polishes!

Five new wicked polish shades inspired by beloved spooky Tsum Tsum characters will be arriving at select stores like Target, and Walmart, and online this September! They come in solid chunky bottles, and are topped with an adorable Tsum character on top of the lid.

Everyone’s favorite ghostly couple makes an appearance in this new Halloween inspired collection. The Jack Skellington polish is a high shine jet black varnish sure to add a dark accent to any manicure. Sally’s polish is a haunting red that compliments her long flowing hair.


The other three shades in the collection are inspired by popular Disney villains. Cruella, Maleficent, and Ursula steal the show in bold statement colors. Cruella is a shiny pure white, just like the fur of a baby Dalmatian puppy. Maleficent roars in with a dragon scale chrome green. Last but not least, Ursula sails in with her signature deep purple.

I can’t wait to find these wicked beauties when they release! Which of these Lip Smacker Halloween Tsum Tsum Nail Polishes do you hope to get your claws on?

Pictures by – @nailartbyjen on Instagram.

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