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Disney Bounding With The Disney Fashionista- The Wonderful White Rabbit

This week we thought we would Disney bound with a character that is less expected. People always think about princesses or the core Disney characters but who really thinks about the ancillary characters? We are super proud of the look we came up with this week as it feels like an amazing outfit to transition from winter to spring in. This week let’s Disney bound with the wonderful white rabbit!


The white rabbit is a character that is essential to the story of Alice in Wonderland but we don’t really give him much thought. He is mystical and always late. We’ve created our look to be easy to move in and get to where we are going on time! We’ve used the white rabbit’s color palette of red and white and grey to create this ensemble. We started with a white tank with a red heart on it to show the love to the rabbit. We paired this with a pair of grey skinny jean jeggings. The skinny jeggings can actually be found in a range of sizes, including plus sizes! I love that these are actually comfortable because they are jeggings but you can’t even tell and that they come in a range of sizes! The fact that we are transitioning from winter to spring means we will be cool so a red jacket is in order. The jacket also comes in a complete range of sizes!!!!

Let’s talk about accessories and we are going to start with these fabulous white flats! These white lace flats are perfect for spring and are also a steal of a deal on sale from $51.99 to $16.99! They come in a bunch of other colors that I am seriously considering getting for other Disney bounding looks (ie: blue, red, beige, black, grey and green). The purse matches with the shoes perfectly. For our hair, we found this super fun bunny ear hair tie headband! This headband comes in too many colors to name, as well.

The jewelry is where it is obvious who we are Disney bounding with this week. The earrings are actually little clocks! I mean, the white rabbit is always late so this is super fitting! The ring is actually a bunny ear ring! It comes in different metals and is only $2.99… amazing deal. The necklace is a true homage to the white rabbit and we found this at Beautiful Baubles. This gold tone necklace features a metal copy of an original drawing of the White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland”. He is backed with a red leather heart while a black leather spade, and a white pearl dangle from his royal scroll. I think it is a perfect completion to this look. If you like this necklace and are going to buy it, enter disfashion5 at checkout and you’ll get 5% off!

The most amazing part of this look that you can the entire outfit, including jewelry and accessories, for approximately $166 plus tax and shipping!! That includes shoes and a purse and an entire outfit and jewelry! I think we out did ourselves this week.

That’s another week of Disney Bounding with the Disney Fashionista! Do you love our look as much as we do?? Let us know in the comment box below!

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