Disney Discovery- The Art Of Belle Tote Bag

Surprisngly, despite the fact the my engagement ring was inspired by Belle and my wedding dress looked like a Belle gown, Belle is not actually my favorite Disney princess. I do, however, love today’s Disney discovery and Belle is the main reason why. Allow me to share today’s Disney discovery with you…. The art of Belle tote bag.

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Isn’t this lovely? The artwork is stunning and I love that it shows all the different sides of Belle. It doesn’t only show the different sides to her personality, it also shows the assortment of fashions she is drawn to. Whether it is the ball gown or the blue provincial dress, hair up or hair down, this art of Belle tote bag is the perfect design for a true fan of Belle.

This tote bag is not easy to find. I had seen it once before and wanted to get my hands on it but it had sold out. I have managed to find it again but I have no idea how long the supplies will last. It is currently available for $89.49. It’s all about supply and demand, fashionistas! If you are interested in checking it out in more detail, you can find it HERE. Enjoy, fashionistas!



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