Disney Discovery- Assorted Star Wars Loungefly Bags

I have shown you many different Loungefly Star Wars bags over the last few months, especially with all the hype over the new movie. I found 3 new designs that I thought I would share, that I had not yet seen. Therefore, today’s Disney discovery is an assortment of Star Wars Loungefly bags!


Let’s start with the BB-8 bag because I think it is fun and different than the others I have shown in the past. It is a new Star Wars character after all. The orange will transition nicely between the seasons and the size is the perfect size to carry the essentials, with a little bit of room to spare. It can be found HERE for only $54.50.

This Darth Vader bag is so awesome! It is freaky to look at but it is neutral so, technically, it goes with everything! can you imagine bringing this bag with you everywhere?? It is a little more than the BB-8 bag but, it will go with more, so I guess you are paying for versatility. This bag is $63 and you can find it HERE.


This Storm Trooper bag is another neutral Star Wars bag that would work well year round. It really depends on what character you are looking for but there is a bag for almost every Star Wars character! It’s quite cool. This bag is $59.99 with free shipping and you can find it HERE.

No matter who you prefer, Loungefly has created a Star Wars bag for you. I hope you enjoy, fashionistas!


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