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Disney Discovery- Disney Parks Hand Sanitizers

I am a pediatric nurse and I like to make sure that things are clean and, well, sanitized. I can be a tad bit overzealous in that regard. As per the usual, I like everything to have a Disney twist. Keeping things clean and sanitized should not have to be an exception to this rule. Therefore, I bring you today’s Disney discovery, the Disney Parks hand sanitizers!

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You may have heard about these Disney Parks hand sanitizers a couple of months ago when we heard they were making an appearance… then they sold out. Well, they keep reappearing and then disappearing again BUT that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way for you to get them! There are so many super cool designs to choose from! The fab 5 each have one, Stitch, Anna, Elsa, Belle and the Parks even have representation! With this Disney discovery, you get a pack of 2 and each cover comes with a 1oz bottle of hand sanitizer. The cover has a key chain split ring with lobster claw clasp so you can attach these adorable hand sanitizers to purses, backpacks and whatever else you can think of!

If you are dying to get some of these, you don’t have to go to the Parks. Our personal shopper Courtney, from Mouse To Your House, can get you a 2 pack of these Disney Parks hand sanitizers! All you have to do is go to the site HERE and choose the ones you like! That may be easier said than done since there are so many cool ones to pick from! Stay healthy, fashionistas!

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