Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer

I am constantly working at my desk working on the website, while drinking my coffee. My coffee is always cold by the time I get halfway through it. I know that I am not the only one this happens to. There are a million people who are in this situation daily. I knew there had to be something out there that could solve this problem and I was right. I can solve the problem while showing my Disney Side! Today’s Disney discovery is a Mickey Mouse mug warmer.


Cute, right? It is basically just a mini hot plate! With that being said, it gets quite hot so beware (that’s the pediatric burn nurse in me)! It is black and red with a tiny Mickey icon on the front. I think it would be easy to hide in the mix of all your desk contents (in case you aren’t supposed to have extra stuff on your desk) and it would get the job done! This mug warmer even comes with the mug! I wasn’t looking for that but it’s certainly handy and makes the affordable price even better!

This has been almost $15 for months online but it currently $8.98! That’s pretty sweet for the mug and the warmer! I was looking for small gifts for Secret Santa or add on gifts and this would work perfectly! You can find it HERE, if you want to check out the ratings (which are awesome!). Happy shopping!


Michelle is an avid Disney lover and fashionista who loves to combine her two hobbies. She loves to shop and find the newest and best Disney finds to share with her fellow fashionistas! Be sure to follow her on her Facebook page and on twitter!

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