Disney Discovery- Minnie Mouse Car Shade

It has been ridiculously hot lately. If the outside temperatures are over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then how hot is it inside of your car??? This is something that has been bothering me lately, as I get into my car to go to work in the evening, after it has been sitting in the hot summer sun all day. It was pointed out to me that sun shades really work on dropping the internal car temperature by about 10 degrees. I was a non believer…. I no longer am. Today’s Disney discovery is the Minnie mouse car shade.

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This Minnie Mouse car shade is freaking fabulous! I love that Minnie is the star of the show and will now be the star of my car!! I have been showing a lot of Disney car items lately but nothing quite like this. I think this one is not just to make your car pretty, but it is functional as well! It is foldable so it is easy to store. It also comes with suction cups so it will stick to your windows, just in case it is slightly smaller than your window shield. The print is classic for Minnie Mouse with the red, white and black colors and the polka dots!! Her huge bow is fabulous, as I am a big fan of her love of bows.

This Minnie Mouse car shade is pretty affordable, as well. It is $22.25 with free shipping!! It’s well worth the money if it makes my car more tolerable to get into after it has been sitting out in the sun all day!! If you would like to check out this Minnie Mouse car shade, you can find it HERE! Stay cool, fashionistas!


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