The Disney Magic Holiday Collection Has Arrived At Lowes!

While at Lowe’s yesterday, I meandered past the Halloween decor and noticed that the Christmas decor has started to appear. The area I stumbled upon made me shriek with delight. There is a new way for Disney lovers to share their addiction this Christmas…. The Disney Magic Holiday Collection has arrived at Lowe’s!


What is the Disney Magic Holiday Collection? It is a massive variety of lighting options, done with a Disney flare, to help decorate this holiday season! The above lights are just an example! There are obvious Disney choices, like the Mickey string lights seen above, and there are regular looking lights (for those who just want the Disney name and quality but not the mouse himself).

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There are light up, stand up items available, like this Olaf and Christmas tree that share just a touch of the Disney magic.


These are some of the different projectors that will display Disney magic on the side of your home! I bought the obvious Disney projector, which is the one that does colorful Mickey Mouse images, but a couple of them make it look like there are fireworks! That is wicked awesome and they are so affordable!!!! It was rather hard for me to decide but, when in doubt, always go with the Mouse!


If you like to do the Christmas countdown, this Mickey shaped projector will show the countdown right on the side of your house! I have never seen anything like it!! I am in love!


This was the display I found them on. See all the blank spaces? That’s because the entire collection has not yet arrived! There is even more to come. The Disney Magic Holiday Collection is guaranteed to sell out long before Christmas. I think we can all agree on that. I only bought one piece so far because I want to see what all my choices are. Lowes is about to have a stalker in me!

What do you think of this new Collection? Are you rushing to your local Lowes to see if they have the collection yet? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!



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