Disney Rings Perfect For Your Dream Disney Wedding!

I am in bridal mode  and when I saw the rings I’m sharing with you, I could not believe it. These rings, which could be used for wedding bands, are positively perfectly Disney. When you get all the details, which I am about to share, you will not believe it… especially the price!! Let’s take a closer look at the Disney rings perfect for your dream Disney wedding!

2015-06-10 01_24_34-Formal Black And Silver MOUSE 2 Piece Tungsten by Cloud9Tungsten

Aren’t these rings incredible! They are made of Tungsten Carbide which means they are indestructible and scratch proof. They also contain sterling silver and cubic zirconia (though I can’t see where they are exactly). Apparently these rings are polished with a diamond compound which results in a polish and shine that is everlasting. As amazing as all that is, let’s talk about the design!! These rings are just stunning!! They have that formal scroll pattern around the ring with equally spaced out Mickey heads. I think that the mix of black and silver together make these super formal and fabulous. I am seriously considering getting these as a back up set of wedding bands for work.

These wedding bands come with custom engraving included, which is extra fabulous!! Now let’s talk price, because I Know you are all dying to know. This set… I said set….. is only $85!!!!!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me????? Custom engraving, 2 rings and this fabulous Disney design for $85??? I am wondering if they can just be used as promise rings or whatever because they are such a sweet deal, I think everyone should have them!!!!


Want the same design but with reversed colors?? You can get those, too! All the details listed above are the same. The only difference is the color. The price is still $85 for the set!!!


What if you don’t want a set?? You can get this thinner ring with a more intricate scroll design. It is only $45!!

If you want to check them out further, I found them on Etsy, at the respective links above!!! Save some for me, fashionistas, because I want them too!! Happy wedding planning!

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