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Disney Scents That Bring Magic To Your Home

I just got back from Disney World  less than 2 weeks ago and I am beyond “home” sick at this point. I miss the sights, the sounds and the smells!! You may think that sounds weird but I assure you, it is not. So much so, that there are companies out there that have created scents to recreate the smells from “home.” One company does this extremely well, and they are helping to alleviate my anxiety today with their scented tarts. The company is SimpleGalsShop on Etsy.

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As you can see, we are big fans of this shop at my house. There are so many scents to choose from, it is difficult to determine which attraction or Main Street smell I want to have in my house any particular day. Two of my favorites from the grand assortment are the Tiki Tiki scent, from the Enchanted Tiki Room and Foolish Mortals from The Haunted Mansion. I love both of these attractions and these scents make me feel like I am right there again.

You may be wondering what exactly these are, as the packaging denotes they are not really candles. Very true, they are not. These are scented wax melts. You may be familiar with the discs you can buy and put in a contraption that you heat, whether that be with a candle below it or an electric wax melter (That’s really a thing). They last longer than your average candle, in my experience, and the scents are more vivid.

Just listen to the names of some of these and don’t try to tell me you aren’t brought right back to whichever place you call “home”. Tonga Toast, Churros, Soar Over, Lilo, Rapunzel, Capt’n Jack, Pineapple Whip,  Be Our Guest, Animal Kingdom Lodge,  Main Street USA, Mistress of Evil,  Beach Bay,  Fairytale Ending,  Wonderland, Wilderness Lodge, Off To Neverland,   Pixie Dust,  Mermaid Princess, Candy Cauldron, Le Brew,  A Whole New World,  Mickey, Best Friends, Minnie, Oh Bother, Enchanted Apple, and Snow Queen. There are even Halloween scents! Too many to choose from, right??

SimpleGalsShops is offering 20% off all orders with coupon code BABY20! Just click any of the links above to get started. I know you have to be as curious as I was! These are only $4 before the discount! There are 6 melts in each container and the recommended usage is 2 per melt. You use those till the scent is gone and that has gone a long way for me!! Enjoy, fashionistas!



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