Disney Villain Dooney and Bourke Collection Debuts In Time For Halloween!


I don’t know if Disney thought they could slip their newest Dooney and Bourke Collection past me because I am out of the country but I could feel that something was up. Man, was I right! The Disney Villain Dooney and Bourke Collection is now available just in time for Halloween and it is perfectly evil (for my wallet!).


Let’s talk about the shopper tote because it shows the pattern perfectly, with it’s larger size. Clearly the color palette is red, black and white which I actually find very interesting. It works for certain villains (can we say Cruella?) but it’s surprising for others. It does work overall, though. I like that they blend so seamlessly together within the pattern. I had to look hard for Cruella but I did find her. The Evil Queen, Ursula and Captain Hook really pop out at me. That could always be the placement, however, of this particular bag.

screenshot_20161022-134934 screenshot_20161022-135113

I love myself a good letter carrier and it does come in that size. A wristlet works for many, it’s just a bit to small for me, but it is also available.

When I say that these are available just in time for Halloween, I don’t mean that you can run to your closest Disney Park store and expect to find them. This is one of those Shop Disney Parks App reveals that is only available through the App at this particular moment in time. It is not on the Disney Store online (at the moment I am writing this) and it is not in stores. It’s just like when the Americana print was released on the App first.

What do you think of the new Disney Villains collection? Are you as excited as I am? Do you like the colors? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!



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