Castle Caps Has Created The Perfect Mickey Ear Hats For Fashionistas!

Ear hats are easily the most iconic Disney vacation souvenir. You buy a pair your first day, wear it around during your trip, then put them on display when you return home. These typically come in headbands or hats. If you’re anything like me, you love them, but wearing them can be uncomfortable. The elastic strap on the hat bothers my face and the headbands tend to squeeze my head, meaning that I can only wear them for short periods of time. Disney provides us with hats to represent many of our favorite characters, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but they have not changed the actual style of hats to fit different preferences.

Katie Vining has created Castle Caps to give us a new way to wear mouse ears. She began by making big floppy hats featuring Minnie Mouse ears for women to have a more sophisticated, flexible alternative to the traditional ears sold by Disney. While packing for a trip to Disney World, Katie decided to bring a large floppy hat with her. As a long-time ear hat collector, she immediately envisioned this hat with ears and set to work on making it a reality. Soon after, she posted a photo of the finished product on Facebook and the hat was a hit. The hat’s popularity inspired her to create more for others.



She accessorized the hats with flowers at first then expanded to include ribbons and bows. After showing off several of these, customers began requesting customizations and Katie was happy to deliver. Some of these customizations include Mickey and Minnie themes, different color schemes, fantasy themes, and some patriotic pieces. Hats are available for women in floppy hats and baseball caps. Hats for men can be ordered as baseball caps. Ideas for different hats and customizations are welcome, and Katie is open to your suggestions. She will create your perfect Castle Cap and get you ready for your trip.



Recommendations for caring for your Castle Cap include carrying it with you instead of packing it into a suitcase during travel. Crushing the brim may result in damage to the cap that may result in an improper fit on your head. As Katie says, taking it with you helps you get into vacation mode faster and you can show it off before stepping foot onto Disney property.


Katie loves how confident and beautiful her customers feel when they are wearing her caps. She would dress a lovely lady in a sun dress, give her a Disney Dooney and Bourke bag, and place a Castle Cap on her head for an ideal Disney vacation look. Katie’s dream job would be in merchandising for Disney designing ear hats, and it is clear that she has a creative streak that should not go unnoticed.

Katie’s shop can be found on Etsy and is called Castle Caps and our exclusive Disney Fashionista discount can be accessed with the code FASHIONISTA15.

Whether you’re running around the park, relaxing at your hotel, or simply walking around Disney property, you will stand out as an ear hat princess (or prince) with your Castle Cap.

Emily spends her days pretending to be a Disney princess in New York. She makes it down to Disney World every year for the holidays and soaks in enough magic to hold her over until her next trip. Emily loves fireworks, parades, and eating all the yummy food at Disney. She collects Disney Dooney and Bourke bags and the Disney-themed Alex and Ani bracelets, so she can keep a bit of magic in her life day to day.

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