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New Disney x Vans Collection To Debut This Year!

I have been sharing a lot of Disney shoes in my Disney discoveries lately and people have really been loving them. These have all been inexpensive Disney shoes that will allow us to show our Disney Side. What these shoes don’t have is the Vans name behind them. Vans must have sensed that we were all in need of a new Collection because along came this new Collection featuring all of our fave core characters!!  We have loved the Vans and Disney collaborations in the past so I think we know how this new Collection will go over. With Minnie Mouse being my style icon, I feel like this new Vans collection is on point!! I have some pictures and details to share with you so let’s get started.


This is the picture that shows all the different pieces of the new Disney x Vans Collection. There are shoes, as we mentioned, but there are also hats, backpacks and socks! They really are covering all the accessory aspects. I love that there are so many different styles to pick from. I am going to point these out in detail but I want to start by mentioning that there are conflicting answers as to when this line comes out. One site I read said it comes out in June yet the Vans website itself states this fall. Who’s right? I am not sure. What I am sure of is that this collection will be here this year and that is crazy exciting!!!


Let’s start with the Mickey and Friends apparel. There is a tank top and back pack with the same bright, colorful and bold print of the core characters. There are also 2 different styles of shoes, if you look closely. There are high tops and sneakers. The print is pretty much the same but the style gives a lot more range that many collections.

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I’m jumping straight to the Minnie Mouse attire next because it is what I love the most. It’s easy to see that the same Minnie Mouse pattern can be found on all the Minnie Mouse items in this collection. The shirt, backpack, hat and shoes all have this classic Minnie Mouse print. Therefore, no matter what you are looking for, you should be able to find it.


Of the Mickey Mouse attire, you will find the above print on the loafers and the hat. There is also a backpack if you look at the first picture I shared. This tells me there are 3 different styles for Mickey Mouse shoes alone because we now have loafers in this design. That’s a lot of choice!


Donald Duck is not being ignored with this slew of new merchandise in the new collection. I love the button up shirt! That’s not something you see all the time. Donald shows his true colors all over the apparel, as you can see he is getting quite angry in many of the images. I guess he doesn’t think he’s appreciated enough!

Like I said before, we aren’t sure if this Collection is hitting in June or the fall, like the Vans website states, but either way, we will be ready for it! What part of the collection do you like the most?? Are you a Vans fan?? let us know in the comment box below!


Thanks to Disney Style Blog and Huffington Post for the pictures!


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