The New Fantasyland Gift Set Of Pandora Charms Has Arrived!

Doesn’t it feel like Spring is almost over and we have yet to see the new Disney Park exclusive Spring 2017 Pandora charms? Wait no longer, fashionistas, they have finally debuted! The new Fantasyland gift set with free lithograph is finally here.

Some of the charms for Spring had already debuted which I found very strange. The 2 charms for Mickey and Minnie have been out for a bit now. The charms that many of us have been waiting for did not appear, though. It turns out these were charms that were actually supposed to be released in 2016 and then never were. The build up for Alice’s Teacup, Dumbo and the Carousel  has been exciting and frustrating at the same time.

Now that they have been released, it would appear these 3 charms have been released as a set! I did not see that coming. These 3 charms come together as a set for $200. As someone who was waiting for the Alice’s Teacup charm, I am torn now as to whether or not I want to invest $200 for 2 charms I had not intended on getting.

The other charms we had been curious about were the Gelatoni, Shelli May and Duffy charms. It would appear that the guessing was correct and that these are only available overseas, as a cast member has told us.

As with the Beauty and the Beast set that was released a few months ago, you will receive a free lithograph with purchase. I do love the lithograph. It is vintage and includes images of all three rides that inspired the charms. Brilliant!

Currently these charms are available at the Disney Store online HERE and at limited stores at the Parks. I was told by a cast member that uptown jewelers on Main Street USA and Mousegears at Epcot will have them. Not sure if or where they will be available in Disney Springs. These charms aren’t even available on the App (not yet at least)!

Keep in mind, if you buy them at the Parks you will most likely be able to use your AP discount but not if you buy them online. However, who knows how long they will be available online. Tricky, right?

What do you think of the Disney Park Exclusive Spring 2017 Pandora charms being released as a Fantasyland Gift set? Does this change your shopping plans? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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