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RunDisney Walt Disney World Marathon 2015 Merchandise Revealed!!!


I am completely infatuated with the new merchandise revealed for the Walt Disney World Marathon 2015 weekend. They have added so much new product and I am not running this year! I am devastated. Those of you that will be there will understand what I am talking about when I show you all the new goodies.  As per usual, all of these items will be available at the Expo at ESPN Wide World of Sports January 7-10th, 2015. As I pointed out when I showed you the Minnie Collection by Champion, you have to be at the Expo to pick up your registration package if you are running any of the races that weekend. You’ll be at the Expo anyway! Check out this fabulous merchandise. Let’s take a look……


As you can see, there is a collection of merchandise for each race!!! Now I am going to start with the half marathon because that is the race I ran last year. It’s close to my heart. They have released a hoodie, jacket, tee shirt, long sleeve tee shirt, pin, head band and Bondi bands. In fact, they have created this amount of merchandise for each different race. The half marathon’s mascot is Donald Duck. He is predominant through out the collection as well as the distance of the marathon…. 13.1 miles. For those of you that run, you know this is no joke to run or walk, for that matter, My fave is the hoodie and I would love to get my hands on it!


Mickey is the main mouse for the full marathon. The distance for a full marathon is 26.2 miles. Ouch, is all I can say. I admit that I have not done a full marathon nor do I intend to but I love the color scheme of this collection and the animation of Mickey Mouse. This collection also includes a racer back tank top which I love working out in.


Now, if you weren’t aware,  runDisney allows you to run multiple races for even more elusive titles. If you run the half and the full marathon, you have run the Goofy Challenge. The above is the merchandise for this collection.  Goofy is running his little heart out all over this collection.This collection has a wide variety of colors and styles for both men and women. The total distance for these combines runs us 39.3 miles. Amazing.


Wait… if that wasn’t crazy enough, you can run the 5K, 10K, half and full marathon for a combined 48.6 miles and complete the Dopey Challenge. This challenge is quite new, I believe last year was the first year and it is completely sold out. For those amazing people, they can purchase this collection with Dopey running proudly.


There is also a collection of gear that proudly proclaims “I did it!”. This consists of men’s and women’s wear and there is one for each race/challenge. Lots of colors are available.


For those people planning to run a runDisney race in 2016 and are starting to train, there is a collection for you too!!! A hat, jacket, tee shirts all in a variety of colors is waiting to join your training gear!

The top picture is all the generalized runDisney merchandise that can be purchased. It doesn’t specify which race you ran or if you ran any at all. You could just  be a lover of runDisney! The one thing in this collection I will point out is the limited edition runDisney Magic Band! It can be used, as all limited edition Magic Bands can be, for future trips and linked to future tickets and reservations. I think it’s a really cool way to commemorate your runDisney event  and you can be reminded of the experience during future trips to Disney!

How many of you are planning to attend and/or run a runDisney event at the Walt Disney World Marathon in January 2015? Will you be purchasing any of this new merchandise? Let me know in the comment box below!

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