Take a Walk In The Park With The Newest Disney Dooney and Bourke Design

Disney Dooney and Bourke designs seem to be popping up quite frequently and this week is no exception. Even in a week that has released the much talked about Disney x Coach Collection, a new pattern has appeared on the Shop Disney Parks App. Take a Walk in the Park with the newest Disney Dooney and Bourke design!

Let’s talk about this design… I know it is very similar in design to the Sketch pattern but this pattern includes updates. It has the train, the hot air balloon from Disney Springs and a hitch hiking Ghost. There are, of course, our favorite classic characters including Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I like the fact that it still has many of the images we love that remind us of the Parks. It really is like taking a walk through the Parks… hence the name of the bag.

The colors are very light, which I am not a fan of. I wish on the white background, the colors really popped. It’s more of that muted color design like we saw with the 2017 Walt Disney World Marathon Dooney and Bourke bags. Those bags are still available, even now, on the App so I take that as meaning they weren’t very popular. I hope it wasn’t the color because that means these won’t be very successful either.

There are 3 designs which are a tote, satchel and wristlet.

Here is the confusing part. I stalk the App for new things. I was on 3 times yesterday and this Walk in the Park design was not there. It is not listed under new items at the top. When you search Dooney and Bourke, it is midway through. It also says in store only. I have our personal shopper checking this out and, if she is able to get any, it will be on her site Shop Theme Parks. If not, it looks like it will be available in store only for now. If this changes, I will keep you posted.

What do you think of the newest Disney Dooney and Bourke? Are you going to search it out? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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