Top 10 Places To Propose At Walt Disney World That Don’t Include The Castle!

I understand that many a Disney fashionista’s dream is to be proposed to in front of Cinderella’s Castle (or Sleeping Beauty’s if you are in California). I get it. It’s the ultimate fairytale. I am not one to want things that are commonly done, for the most part. I was proposed to at Remy’s on the Disney Dream. It was wonderful, even without the castle. There are so many incredible places to become engaged at Disney that aren’t the castle! After much consideration, I compiled this top 10 list of places to propose at Walt Disney World that don’t include the castle!

1. France Pavilion-  I think this one is probably the next most popular choice. My husband was going to propose at Epcot in front of the France pavilion because of my love of France. My best friend was proposed to in front of the real Eiffel Tower so he changed his tune. I still think it’s a lovely spot.

2. Hot Air Balloon- Want to get away from everyone but still be at Disney? This is how you propose at Disney. Head to Disney Springs and take a hot air balloon ride. You will have her all to yourself!

3. Character Meet and Greet-  This is becoming more and more popular. How fun would it be to involve the bride to be’s favorite character in the proposal? I guarantee it’s something she will never forget. It could also be captured on Disney Photopass!

4. California Grill Patio During Fireworks- This is one of my favorite places to be. The view is lovely. The ambiance is perfect. The fireworks are magical. What more could one want?

5. Be Our Guest Ballroom-  If you are a Beauty and the Beast fan, wouldn’t this be the most perfect location? Of course, the main ballroom is where I would choose but it is also the busiest area. It’s just so enchanting…. as a proposal should be.

6. Riverboat at Liberty Square- It’s different. It’s unexpected. It’s atypical. It is at Disney and that is the most important thing. I think this one is a really unique idea!

7. Tower of Terror- Proposing on attractions that snap photos has become a bit of a trend. We have all seen the photos of proposals on Splash Mountain especially. I think the Tower of Terror would be a perfect location because marriage can be terrifying! You know I’m right. I think this would have a great shock and awe effect!

8. Victoria and Albert’s- Class. That’s what Victoria and Albert’s portrays. The ambiance, the food and the harp… this is like Remy’s on land! If I hadn’t been blessed with an at sea proposal, this would have been the next best place for me, personally.

9. Floating Rocks in Pandora- It’s a new location and it is beautiful. I am actually picturing the floating rocks in Pandora at night. The bio-luminscent forest is stunningly beautiful and the perfect setting for romance.

10. Fireworks Cruise- We are back to the firework idea. There are smaller crowds on the fireworks cruise and the ambiance is, again, stunning. Lovely.

These are my top 10 places to propose at Walt Disney World that don’t involve the castle. Do you like the list? Are there any places that you think are missing? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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