2019 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Merchandise Preview

With the 2019 Epcot Food and Wine Festival only a couple of weeks away, we’re wondering about all the calorie-free treats that will be offered. By calorie-free we mean the Food and Wine Festival Merchandise of course! Luckily for us, our friends at Chip and Co got to check out a sneak peek of the new collections coming to Epcot for this year’s festival.

There are five themed collections for this year’s festival, the Chef Mickey and Minnie’s Perfect Pairing, Brews Around the World, Chef Remy, Recipe for a Figment, and Taste Your Way Around the World.


The Perfect Pairing collection staring Chef Mickey and Minnie seems to be one of the larger merchandise collections. This collection is full of sweet pink confection inspirations, and includes some of our favorite items to collect like Minnie Ears, a Spirit Jersey, and Dooney & Bourke purses.

Although we have seen a preview of some of this collection before, it’s quite fun to see them up close!

This collection also has the beautiful Dooney & Bourkes we’ve been checking out!

Looks like we’ve got some rose gold in this collection with a new hat too!

Then there is also an array of home goods inspired by this sweet pink collection as well!

The other larger assortment is the Taste Your Way Around The World collection. This collection is inspired by red wine and wine bottle corks, with a charming and rustic feel. The cork-like design was re-created for this collection using bamboo!! Remember the Ears from last year? This is in the same vein.

This collection includes fabulous apparel and accessories, as well as fun items for the kitchen! There is also a rolling pin for the first time ever as part of the Food and Wine Merchandise collections.

This collection also showcases most of the glass and stemware pieces for the festival.

One of my favorite new items is the wine holding lanyard! This lanyard is outfitted with a sling that will safely carry your wine glass or cup, so you can taste your way around the world hands-free!

The Brews Around the World collection is a rustic assortment featuring earth tones and metals. This collection is a dedication to craft brewing!

The last two collections are smaller but include pins, drinkware, and even a large Figment stuffed animal!

Has the sweet taste of the new Food and Wine Festival Merchandise wet your appetite for more when the festival returns August 29th?

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