A Collection Of Pixar Inspired Clothing? Thank you Neff Headwear!


I am not really the kind of girl that is in to surfer or skater type clothing, however, my man is. I  have been noticing these brands more and more and when this Pixar Inspired collection popped up, I felt more connected than usual. I can get in line with pretty much anything that is Disney or Pixar related! This collection has our friends from Toy Story and Monster’s Inc, and is much more in line with most of our pay checks than some of the other collections I’ve covered. Let’s take a peak!

Neff Headwear products are targeted to the skating, surfing, snowboarding and lifestyle markets, in case you weren’t aware of the line (like I wasn’t). It’s clearly a casual, laid back collection that is perfect for every day use. When I first saw the name of the company, I figured it was all headwear but, as you can see from the above photo, it is clearly not. I love the board shorts (above) and I know a lot of beach loving men, who rock their Disney side, that would wear these in a heart beat. I think the classic way to go for a Pixar print in a board short would be Finding Nemo. For that reason, I like these even more… the unexpected.


The print on the board shorts can also be found on a few other items, including this hat and a tee short (not pictured). I thought I would include a picture of that hat considering we are featuring a company called Neff Headwear!


For the Monster’s Inc designs, this sweatshirt has that pop of color that I require in my outfits. The black sweatshirt is simple and casual with the perfect representation of working for Monster’s Inc. The hoodie makes me ‘scream’ in delight! It looks exactly like Sulley and brings this sweatshirt to life for me.


The hat that represents Monster’s inc looks like it is textured like Sulley’s fur but it, in fact, is not. It’s just very well done! It’s that crazy color pop that many surfers are known for and the logo is embroidered on to the fabric, not screened on. I personally like it when things are embroidered and not screened because it makes the item a little more luxe.

If you are interested in this gnarly collection, take a look at Neff Headwear online or in stores. Do you enjoy a good PIxar inspired wardrobe piece or are you more classic Disney? Let me know what you think in the comment box below!


Thanks to Disney Style Blog for the photos.


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