A Dapper New Mickey And Minnie Dooney And Bourke Is Coming!

Surprise! While walking past the window at Ever After Jewelry Co in Disney Springs, a Dapper new Mickey and Minnie Dooney and Bourke caught our eye!

Front of tote

This print is definitely a bit more spring-like than I would have thought for this time of year but when I take a close look at Mickey and Minnie it makes sense. Dapper Days are coming and don’t Mickey and Minnie look positively dapper?! This would be a stunning collection to carry with you during Dapper Days!

Back of tote

There are three silhouettes that we know of at the moment. There is a tote, hobo, and wristlet. Of course, there could be more that surface when the collection actually releases but 3 silhouettes is pretty common.

Lighting is clearly important when looking at this bag. The color looks very different depending on the lighting. It looks peach in the first photo but it really is more of a pastel rose color. The flowers are blue, cream and a darker dusty rose color. Honestly, they remind me a bit of Christmas flowers.

The hobo bag is s silouhette we don’t see a lot of and I’m thankful for a different look! I tend to grab the same or similar silhouette and it’s time for me to mix it up! I like this as a nice shoulder bag and the zipper on the back is a handy addition.

To me, this looks like a wristlet but when I can actually get my hands on it, it may be something else. We shall see! I like the size, though! The zipper on the front adds the exact storage I would require. This may be the piece I choose.

We don’t have prices yet but we hear the release date is tomorrow (Friday, October 25th). Not sure if this will release online or if it is in-store only. I will be up bright and early to keep you posted! If you are looking for the perfect placement of the dapper new Mickey and Minnie design, you can email our preferred personal shopper at [email protected] and she will help you out.

Do you like the newest Dooney and Bourke print?

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