A Spirit Jersey A Day Keeps the Post-Disney Depression Away

Have you heard of this epidemic called Post-Disney Depression? Let me tell you, it’s real! Post-Disney Depression happens when you return home from your magical Disney vacation and have to enter back into the real world. The daily grind is anything but magical, your food is no longer Mickey shaped, you don’t have a Castle as your morning view, and everything is just awful. That is Post-Disney Depression at its peak.

There are ways to fight this epidemic though! Adding touches of Disney to your everyday life will help give you that pixie dusted feeling even when you aren’t at Disney. Make your own Mickey shaped pancakes, hum a little Disney tune, and of course, upgrade your wardrobe to a magical level. Wearing a new spirit jersey will definitely help keep that Post-Disney Depression away!

All of these Disney inspired Spirit Jerseys can be found on Etsy from DavidTaylorDesign. Each style starts at just $41.00 and there is truly something for every Disney fan to love!

Monday – Haunted Mansion Glitter Purple Jersey

Welcome, Foolish Mortals! If Monday morning has you feeling like a ghostly haunt, this Haunted Mansion Spirit Jersey is perfect for you! Elevate your mood to new spirits when you wear this lovely purple jersey. You can get it HERE but hurry back.

Tuesday – Cinderella Sparkle Jersey

Even though it’s only Tuesday and the weekend still seems far away, they can’t order you to stop dreaming! This Cinderella inspired spirit jersey is perfect for getting down to work while still living out your Disney Princess fantasy life. You can find it HERE.

Wednesday – Tower of Terror Jersey

Is there anything more terrifying than realizing you’re only halfway through the work-week? I guess you could also look on the bright said and say “yay! I’m halfway through the work week!” Either way, this Tower of Terror spirit jersey is perfect for the Disney fan who likes a bit of thrill added to their day. You can find it HERE.

Thursday – RunDisney Inspired Jersey

It’s Thursday and I’m racing towards the weekend! The finish line is in sight! This RunDisney inspired spirit jersey is perfect for racing towards those weekend goals, crushing your after-work gym session, or just planning your next RunDisney vacation. You can find it HERE.

Friday – Disney Snacks Spirit Jersey

Friday is usually my “cheat day.” I like to enjoy a treat to celebrate getting through the work-week in one piece with most of my sanity still in place. This Disney Snacks jersey is perfect for the Disney foodie in all of those. Check it out HERE.

Saturday – Toy Story Land Inspired Spirit Jersey

Saturday is here and it’s time to play! Have fun all day long in this Toy Story Land inspired Spirit Jersey. Let your inner child run wild as you explore, play, and enjoy your weekend. You can find it HERE.

Sunday – Sleeping Beauty Sparkle Jersey

On Sunday, my husband calls me “Sleeping Beauty” because all I do is nap. What can I say? I have to load up on energy reserves for the week ahead. Cuddle up and enjoy your Sunday in this Sleeping Beauty inspired jersey. You can find it HERE.

See, a spirit jersey a day really can keep the Post-Disney Depression away! Which design is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Monica V

Monica lives in Ann Arbor, MI. She is a former Disney Cast Member (via the Disney College Program Fall 2011) and a current Disney Addict.
Monica V

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