Add Elegance To Your Collection With The Midnight Masquerade Series!

Many of you have probably seen the incredible exclusive merchandise that was available at the 2019 D23 Expo Disney Store, including some gorgeous pieces from the Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Series.  Luckily for those of us who couldn’t make it to the D23 Expo, the five fabulous dolls from the Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Series are all unveiling soon for the public!  Each doll is a limited edition, meaning a limited quantity of each doll will be produced, so make sure you put the release dates on your calendar if you want to scoop up the whole collection!

Each doll is inspired by a Disney Heroine and what she might wear to make her grand entrance at a mysteriously magical moonlit masquerade ball.  Each dress is intricately detailed and perfected so that the signature style of the character is preserved, while also giving her some stunning masquerade flair.  I am fascinated by how gorgeous each doll’s masquerade mask is! The details are simply breathtaking!

Esmerelda with her gorgeous red, purple, and gold ensemble is the first to be released on October 5th, and she will have a limited quantity of 5,200.  Belle in her black and gold gown is next on October 12th with a limited quantity of 5,800. Cinderella in her classic blue and silver dress is the next to be released on October 19th with a limited quantity of 5,600.  Megara wearing her iconic purple with gold accents will be released next on October 26th with a limited quantity of 5,200. Last, but certainly not least, Rapunzel in a deep pink and plum gown will finish the collection on November 2nd with a limited edition of 5,900.


If you would like to check out this amazing collection, you can find it HERE!


Which of these gorgeous dolls is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to guest blogger Lindsey N for this info!

Lindsey N. is a proud military wife and dog mom to an adorable Chihuahua named Jack Sparrow… Captain Jack Sparrow, that is! She is obsessed with all things Disney, and two of her favorite hobbies are shopping and visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. It is especially magical when she gets to do both at the same time!


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  • How much do the dolls run retail price usually? I know I shouldn’t go down this rabbit hole, but super interested in Cinderella and Belle!