Add Some Colorful Pixie Dust To Your Ears With These Mickey Earrings

Let’s be honest– a true Disney fashionista can never have too much pixie-dusted jewelry, so these A Drop of Imagination Mickey Earrings from SmallWorldDesignCo on Etsy will fit right into any Disney jewelry collection!

Mickey Earrings 1

These teardrop-shaped earrings feature fabulous little sparkly Mickey Mouse heads in tons of fun bright colors!  Luckily, since these earrings are made from crystal clear resin, the miniature Mickeys are easy to see!

Mickey Earrings 2

These little Mickeys remind me of the colorful Mickey-shaped glitter confetti I always find on the ground in the parks!  I always have to pick up those little pieces of pixie dust when I see them!  They are just so cute!  Plus, it is so much fun to empty out my purse when we get home and find little shiny Mickeys!  It makes having to leave The Most Magical Place On Earth a little bit easier!

Mickey Earrings 3

These earrings are a classy way to add a little bit of pixie dust to any outfit, and because they are that lovely teardrop shape, they are very on-trend!  I keep thinking how great these would look with a Mickey’s birthday celebration dress!

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these adorable earrings so that you can wear not-so-hidden Mickeys wherever you go, you can find them HERE!

What type of Mickey jewelry is your favorite?  Will these earrings be magically appearing in your Disney jewelry collection soon?  Let us know in the comments below!

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