Adorn Your Wrist With These Disney Princess-Inspired Healing Bracelets

Ariel Bracelet

Disney Princess-inspired jewelry pieces that have subtle nods to princesses in their details are so fun!  It’s basically Disneybounding jewelry!  These fabulous Disney Princess-Inspired Healing Bracelets from FancyFanny on Etsy combine healing crystals and gemstones with charms that together signify some of our favorite Disney Princesses!  There are so many gorgeous options, but I have to show off a few of my favorites!

Ariel Bracelet

First, I have to point out this fabulous Ariel-Inspired Bracelet!  This bracelet features a seashell charm and rainbow fluorite beads.  Fluorite is said to be a protective and stabilizing stone!  Plus, the colors in this bracelet are just so beautiful!

Merida Bracelet

I love Merida, so of course, I have to show off this gorgeous Merida-Inspired Bracelet!  This bracelet features a Celtic knot charm and green tiger’s eye and carnelian beads.  Carnelian is said to help with motivation, and creativity while green tiger’s eye helps with courage.  Merida would love these stone choices!

Pocahontas Bracelet

I think Pocahontas herself would wear this lovely Pocahontas-Inspired Bracelet!  This bracelet features a feather charm and turquoise and tiger’s eye beads.  Turquoise is said to have healing powers, while the tiger’s eye is a stone of protection.

Belle Bracelet

Our favorite book-loving princess would adore this delicate Belle-Inspired Bracelet!  This bracelet features a rose charm and yellow selenite and red jade beads.  Selenite is said to have grounding properties that help with concentration, and red jade can help regain lost vitality.

Jasmine Bracelet

Even Genie would be impressed by this beautiful Jasmine-Inspired Bracelet!  This bracelet features a magic lamp charm and blue apatite beads.  Blue apatite is said to help with peaceful contemplation.  Plus, it’s really gorgeous!

If you would like to purchase any of these fabulous healing bracelets, read more about their healing stones, or just check out some of the other Disney Princess-inspired bracelets that are available, you can find them all HERE!

Which one of these bracelets is your favorite?  Did we cover your favorite Disney Princess?  Let us know in the comments below!

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