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Alex and Ani “Magic” Wraps Make Their Debut

I am behind the game this week because I forgot to let you know that Alex and Ani “Magic” wraps are finally here! The other Alex and Ani wraps have been making their debuts over the course of the last month or so and the final one, that we are currently aware of, has finally arrived. Let’s take a closer look at it, it’s sisters and the hard to find bangles that are sold out… but still available. Intrigued?


This “Magic” wrap comes in a gold finish with red beads. I love the fact that the “i” is dotted with a Mickey head! The finish does only come in the gold but there are other wraps to pick from, if you are a silver lover only. I think this one has been the last to be released because it embodies all that is Disney. Isn’t Disney magical?? Isn’t it all about having a “magical day”?

The other Alex and Ani wraps, in case you are unfamiliar, are also words that embody all that is Disney ( though not quite as obviously as “Magic”). “Dream”, “Believe” and “Wishes” are the other 3 that were released and have been selling well. They go really well together with the “Words Are Powerful” bangles that Alex and Ani released over the course of the last few months. Many of these bangles have sold out and been restocked multiple times at the Disney Store online and at the Disney Parks.

Currently, “Whistle While You Work” is sold out at Disney Store online. “Believing is just the beginning” is sold out in gold (that’s the one I have and love) and “When you wish upon a star” is sold out in silver. If you are hoping to obtain any of these sold out bangles, you can always try Mouse To Your House. That’s how I got mine and I am so happy I was able to get it!

What do you think of the “Magic” wrap? Have you been waiting for it?? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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