Alice in Wonderland Earrings For When You’re Feeling Mad

Hey there fashionistas! Today I’m feeling a little Mad. No, I’m not angry. But I’m feeling a little scatter brained and crazy. You have all had one of those days right? These Alice in Wonderland earrings are perfect for when you are feeling a bit Mad.

Alice in Wonderland earringsAlice earrings

I really love the vintage style of these earrings. Plus, the bows are absolutely adorable! These would be the perfect earrings to dress up any casual outfit. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl most days, so I love jewelry that can take my outfit to the next level.

You can find them HERE from MesmerizedDesignCo on Etsy.

I was originally only go to show you all these super cute “We’re All Mad Here” earrings, but then I found another Alice in Wonderland inspired pair from the same shop. So today is a two-fer!

Alice earrings 2 Alice in Wonderland earrings 2

My favorite part about these Alice in Wonderland earrings is the mismatched aspect. I mean, how fun and whimsical are these? We all know that Alice in Wonderland is a completely topsy-turvy story and these mismatched earrings are the perfect embodiment of it.

You can find them HERE.

What do you think of these Alice in Wonderland earrings? Which pair is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.




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