Bambi Celebrates It’s 75th Anniversary With New Merchandise From The Disney Store

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t adore Bambi? I have to say I think Flower is actually my favorite… or maybe Thumper.. AH! It’s so hard to decide. Maybe I won’t have to because the Disney Store is releasing a Bambi Collection to celebrate it’s 75th anniversary!

disney store bambi collection
Bambi Collection
disney store bambi collection
Danielle Nicole bambi purse
disney store bambi collection
Bambi plush
disney store bambi collection
Bambi ornaments, desk decor, notebook, mugs
disney store bambi collection
Bambi clock
disney store bambi collection
Bambi Coasters and Mugs

There are a lot of decorative items in this Bambi Anniversary Collection, as you can see above. There are mugs, coasters, clocks, desk top items. You name it. There’s even an adorable Bambi plush!

Danielle Nicole is popping up everywhere for Disney and this lovely handbag is no exception. It would be perfect for carrying your tablet (my computer doesn’t quite fit) and heading out for the day with your essentials.

As you can see with the overall photo, there is also a top but there isn’t as much apparel as with the Snow White Collection.

I asked about a release date and I was told Fall of 2017. That would make this and the Snow White Collection release around the same time. I should also tell you that if the Limited Edition items sold out at D23 Expo, they will most likely not appear online or in Disney Stores. Just a head’s up.

UPDATE- Part of the Bambi 75th Anniversary Collection is now available online HERE!

What do you think of this Bambi 75th Anniversary Collection? Are you a fan? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!


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