Beautiful New Tropical Aulani Minnie Ears Have Surfaced!

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been to Aulani. Every once in a while a new pair of tropical Minnie Ears are released and it resurges my need to get back. These Ears have done that for me.

The color is that of a tropical sunset (or beverage)! There have been a lot of different versions of tropical Minnie Ears at Aulani but I think these might be my favorite. The color is definitely a part of that.

Take a look at the pattern within the color. Beautiful images of tropical foliage and even hidden Mickeys can be found within the fabric. The hidden Mickey stole my heart. I’m a sucker for anything with hidden Mickeys.

The flowers are the standard tropical plumeria we see on all the Aulani Ears but these appear to be a bit more yellow, or golden, than usual. The flowers really pop against the Ears. Notice the inside of the flowers? Green hidden (or not so) Mickeys are the centers of the flowers!

If you are wanting this exclusive Aulani item, you will need a personal shopper. We recommend @hawaiishopper on IG and her site is She can actually get you anything from Hawaii but this is Disney Fashionista, after all! Just tell her we sent you when you message her and she will take excellent care of you!

What do you think of the newest tropical  Aulani Minnie Ears? Are you planning your next trip to Aulani at this very moment? You’re Welcome.


Thanks to Disney Fashionista Nylene for the pic!

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