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Beautifully Disney Frozen Collection Has Arrived!


Some of you may recall a few months ago when I let it slip that the next Beautifully Disney makeup collection was going to be Frozen themed. It has finally arrived! I know many people are over the whole Frozen thing but, let’s be honest, it’s winter time and Frozen has the perfect theme to go with the time of year. It also has two very different Princesses that have two very different color palettes. This makes for a very interesting cosmetic collection. Let’s take a closer look at what the collection entails.

New to the Frozen collection is the Rollerball Eye Shadow Set. I have not seen this in any other collection and I love the concept! These are designed with a rollerball tip which makes it easy to apply. There’s both a silver-toned (Elegant Ice) and golden-toned (Sparkling) eyeshadow which can really lighten up the overall look.


The eye shadow collection is different than past collections as it has 8 colors, split into 4 warm and 4 cool. These are, of course, based on the Princesses of Arendelle and their warm and cool personalities. I love the split design of the case where you open one side and it’s one Princess and vice versa yet, from the front, it looks like one pretty picture. A tip from Disney parks Blog is to  ‘use colors like Crystal Snowflake and Powers Unleashed to create a classic and regal looking cat-eye. Or try shades like Touched By Magic and Follow Your Heart for a simple yet elegant twist.’ I will be trying the cat-eye look immediately.

The collection doesn’t stop at the eyes! We can’t forget about the lips! I own a set of the 4 mini lipsticks and I love them! They are so easy to take with you… I’ll be honest, I take two with me because I never know what I want to wear. This collection has something for everyone, whether it be a soft pink (Regal Beauty), a rich mauve (Radiant Heart), the vibrant fuchsia (Queen To Be) or a fearless violet shade (Optimistic). My personal fave is Queen To Be but we all know I adore pink!

Last but not least is the nails! The colors are entitled  Spiraling Snow, Magnificent Power, Frozen Queen and Miss Royal Pants. I love the names of these… especially Miss Royal Pants. They feel sassy and fun to be, just like the colors. Spiraling Snow looks like snow on your finger nails and I personally love it.

None of the collection is available online as of yet. These products are available at Walt Disney World and Disneyland! If you happen to be traveling to either Florida or California, you can get your hands on the newest fabulous Beautifully Disney Collection… Frozen! What do you think?? Will you be anxiously trying to get your hands on this collection??

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