Celebrate Disney Dogs With The New Disney Dogs Sketch Dooney and Bourke Collection!

Dooney and Bourke seems to know what fashionistas want because today there is a new Disney Dogs Sketch collection and it is precious! Disney dogs have always been popular amongst Disney fashionistas. There has been a lot of merchandise released with this theme.

We haven’t seen this artwork on a Dooney before, at least not for furbabies. I am super excited about this print but even more so about the styles of bags. There is one unique style we don’t see every day which is always a treat. There are also four different styles to choose from!

The new Disney Dogs Sketch Dooney and Bourke Collection comes in a tote ($298), ambler crossbody ($228), mini backpack ($268) and a wallet/wristlet ($158). Can we talk about the mini backpack first, please? This is one we don’t get from Dooney and Bourke very often and it is precious!

Mini Backpack


The Sketch artwork, in general, is one that we know as a classic from Dooney and Bourke but I feel like it looks completely different when it’s all about the Disney dogs! You will find some of our favorites like Pluto, Nana, Copper,  Fifi, Dinah (Dachshund), Bruno,  Lady, Tramp, Pongo, Perdita,  Max, Toby, Dodger, Georgette, Tito, Percy, Winston (Feast), Dug, Little Brother, Bolt, plus Sultan (Footstool), Sparky (Frankenweenie), and Stitch.  I realize Stitch is always debatable but Lilo things he’s a dog!

The mini backpack has a front zipper pouch and one on the inside, as well. The dimensions are 10” H x 8” W x 4” D. This actually makes it smaller than a Loungefly mini backpack for those of you that are wondering.

Tote Bag

The tote bag has a magnetic closure and not a ziptop. It does have a zippered pocket on the back of the bag and inside though! This one is clearly the best option for good placement.

Ambler Crossbody

I love the ambler crossbody in appearance but it isn’t the most room to work with, unfortunately. If you don’t like to carry a lot with you, this is definitely the bag for you, though! It has the two zippered areas and then a front open pocket as well. Definitely a good bag for organizing just not a ton of space.

If you look at the braided zipper, and the rest of the light tan leather trim, you will see a pop of what looks to be a darker teal color as the trim. Online, the pics show a red lining but, if I had to guess, this darker teal is actually the lining color. We had the exact same issue with the Flower and Garden Dooneys where the pics showed red but it was actually mint green.


The wallet/wristlet is a classic cut we are used to with Dooney and Bourke releases. I love the versatility of this piece and this print looks like you could get decent placement of your favorite Disney Dogs as well.

This adorable cosmetic case can be yours for $29 with a purchase of $100 which is clearly easy to do when buying a Dooney and Bourke!

What do you think of the Disney Dogs Sketch Dooney and Bourke Collection? Will one of these be joining your Disney purse collection?

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