Celebrate Mickey And Minnie And Unlock The Fun With New Merchandise!

On January 18th ( a very big day aside from being my birthday) Mickey and Minnie are having a surprise celebration! I will be there at rope drop to celebrate with them! I noticed today that much of the merchandise has already been released to help us unlock the fun!

You can start the celebration with this fabulous sweatshirt! It has Mickey on the front ready to party but the celebration is really on the back. The hoodie is lined with this beautiful party print (the youth sweatshirt is made entirely of this print) and retails for $65.

It’s really hard to see but this ladies shirt has rhinestones on the Mickey image! Who doesn’t love a little bling? The blue trim is truly lovely against the grey, as well. This shirt retails for $34.99.

If the weather gets a little warmer, perhaps a tank top is in order. This one is simple yet perfect and retails for $34.99.

This sweatshirt is unisex and literally tells you to unlock the fun! The sleeve dictates to do so so it’s literally a direct order from Mickey! The back shows all the places that Mickey wants to celebrate. I really liked this one and it retails for $49.99.

The unisex tee has Mickey celebrating and a picture of the castle…. there is nothing on the back. The words Walt Disney World can be found on the sleeve though. This one retails for $24.99.

There is some fab kids apparel. I wish that tee with the sequins on the sleeves came in adult sizes!

This sweatshirt comes in youth sizes but I loved it so much I had to try it on…. I got on XL to fit! That gave me 2 reasons to buy it. I loved it AND I fit into a youth size! This one is spectacular and retails for $39.99.

Hat lovers can rejoice over this lovely Mickey Ear baseball hat. The brim is faux leather and has 90 embossed on it. The year is on the back. It’s lovely and retails for $27.99.

If you are a collector of tumblers or mugs, you can celebrate the fact that there are one of each. The mug is beyond spectacular, though. It is by far the better option. The detail on the handle with the key to unlock the fun and the 90 within the key… perfection!

Pin traders have a lot to choose from! I thought the pin set was especially fantastic. I like the new artwork and all of it can be found in this one pin set.

What better way to carry around all your new goodies than in this new cinch bag? You can celebrate that they have created another awesome find!

This collection is truly spectacular. It is fun, vibrant and filled with minute details that bring it to the next level. I spotted all of this at Mousegears at Epcot but, as it is a park-wide celebration, I expect it is everywhere.

I am also expecting the Unlock the Fun Ears we shared the other day to appear now that I have seen the rest of the collection. This is sheer speculation though.

What do you think of the new Celebrate Collection? Let us know if you see something you love in the comment box below!

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