Celebrate the Disney KEEP Collection With 40% Off!

Who needs Black Friday when you can have sales like this weeks in advance! Now you can celebrate the Disney KEEP collection with 40% off!

We have talked about the Disney KEEP Collection at length in previous articles which you can find HERE. There have been quite a few releases, all of them fabulous. What we weren’t able to say before is that they were on sale… they are now!

Whether you want something from the Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Princess or Alice in Wonderland releases, there is something for every fashionista. These would make incredible holiday gifts and that means this sale is coming just in time!

If you’re looking for your own gorgeous Disney bracelet or for some great holiday gifts, be sure to check out the Disney Fashionista personal Keeper stylist Susan Crosby on IG @crazy_keep_lady! She’s going to get you all these incredible Disney charms for 40% off.

(Please no linking to other KEEP stylists are the links will be removed).

Have you been wanting to start your own KEEP Collective Disney bracelet or do you someone that already does? Let us know what you are hoping to score in the comment box below!


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