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Celebrate Toy Story 4 In Style With The New Dooney and Bourke!

We have been hoping and waiting not so patiently but the reveal is finally here! Toy Story 4 is the newest Dooney and Bourke to join the Disney family!

Today, at the Toy Story 4 media event at Walt Disney World, lots of new merchandise was revealed for the new film (more info on that to come). Most importantly, two new silhouettes for the Toy Story 4 Dooney and Bourke bags were revealed.

First up is the tote, which is the ever so popular silhouette and, if recent releases are an indicator, will be the bag that sells out first. Prices have not yet been released but I’m guessing it will be around the $298 price point.

The crossbody is the second silhouette and we all know that is my favorite one. It’s so convenient!

The print consists of all of our favorite classic Toy Story characters as well as their new friends that are joining them in the new film. Clearly, placement will mean everything on the crossbody because, if you look closely at the two pics, you can see that barely any of the new characters are on the crossbody but they are all on the tote. If you want the newer characters on the crossbody, you will need to really search for the perfect placement with such a large print.

When we have the info of prices and release date, I promise to let you know. In the meantime, what do you think of the newest Toy Story 4 Dooney and Bourke? Let us know in the comment box below!

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