Celebrate Valentine’s Day With The Disney Trinkets From Walgreens!


Some of you may have already figured out that Walgreens tends to get some wicked awesome Disney items. I share them when I find them (remember the Disney solar dancing flowers?!). I was at Walgreens yesterday and I stumbled upon the most fantastic Disney Valentine’s Day display! You can celebrate Valentine’s Day  with these Disney trinkets from Walgreens.

20170110_171524 20170110_171453

What’s more romantic than love with your special someone? These iconic Princess moments depict that and the inside of the mug has a small image of great significance to the story! They are adorable! They are ceramic and are only $9.99. I think bringing your love coffee on Valentine’s Day morning (preferably with breakfast in bed), in one of these mugs, would be a great start to the day.

20170110_171342 20170110_171240 20170110_171147

If you don’t have time for breakfast in bed, perhaps you could start your day with coffee to go in these Princess to go cups that are only $5.99!

20170110_171622 20170110_171558

If Princesses aren’t your thing, what about Mickey and Minnie? They have ceramic and takeout Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s Day mugs, as well.

20170110_085506 20170110_085509 20170110_085206

Perhaps a lovely figurine is something your love would enjoy. I personally thought these would be cute for the little ones. They don’t drink coffee but they still love Disney!!

20170110_085419 20170110_085203

Everyone loves snowglobes!! One of these lovely snowglobes is perfect for any Disney loving fashionista and they are only $14.99!!!

20170110_085153 20170110_085321

If knick knacks are your favorite, these crystal looking figurines of the princesses or Mickey and Minnie are only $5.99!

As you can see, there are so many things to grab at Walgreens this Valentine’s Day!! Will you be grabbing one of these trinkets? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!


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