Check Out the Entire 12 Days of Disney Socks Collection

12 Days of Disney Socks collection

If you were like many other Disney lovers this holiday season, you were on the hunt for the elusive Disney socks gift set from Target. If you weren’t able to find a set, but are just dying to know what was inside, we’ve got the entire 12 Days of Disney Socks collection for you to check out now!

As part of their gift collection this year, Target released numerous 12 Days of Socks gift sets, with popular pop culture themes. The most sought after and elusive of all of them, was the ladies sized Disney collection. The beautiful red box was adorned with snowflakes, and silver writing. As soon as it would restock online, it was sold out, so I was very fortunate that a family friend found a set for me at a local store.

I decided to begin opening them on the first, instead of on Christmas, so I could show everyone what magical wonders were hidden inside.

On the first night I got Ariel, this was a great way to start off the gift set, the colors and design had me so excited. The second revealed Simba, not going to lie at this point I was hooked, and having to use major will power not to rip the whole package open. On the third night the darling Marie joined the sock party. I really loved the addition on the white polka-dots on the Marie socks, it really made them pop.

Belle was next in the 12 Days of Disney Socks collection, and I honestly wasn’t too sure about these. The colors were beautiful, but the design felt a little off. Night five was the redeemer though, with a wicked pair of Maleficent socks. The purple stripes were a perfect accent to her mischievous grin. Night six revealed, Santa Mickey! This was a great mid way point design, Mickey and Holiday themed. I do like how the majority were NOT Christmas themed though, because if you got this ON Christmas day, you really wouldn’t want a bunch of Christmas socks.

Minnie Mouse was the draw on lucky number 7. I thought she was cute, but I think if she would have been in a more vibrant color motif, I would have enjoyed them more. On the eight night I got another Mickey Mouse pair, this time a very classic pose, and in black and white. The ninth reveal was one of my favorite from the entire pack. They were a gorgeous sapphire blue, and said “When you wish upon a star” with a little white star at the bottom, perfection!

The very popular Stitch was on the 10th draw. I loved the simple blue on blue look of this pair, and the purple edging on the ankle band was a nice touch. The second to last night had me squealing with delight. I was so happy to get a SECOND pair of villains socks. Ursula’s face peeks over rows of purple and black stripes, looking devious. After the 11th pair’s awesomeness I had REALLY high hopes for the final pair. Maybe I built it up too much, but they didn’t quite live up to my own personal hype. They are a clean white ankle sock, sprinkled with black Mickey Mouse icons, and are very cute. However, I think I had convinced myself it would be something ridiculously incredible like sparkling rose gold Minnie Mouse socks or something. So while still very cute, I think the final pair should have had a bit more pizzazz.

So there you have it fashionistas, all of the fabulous socks from the 12 Days of Disney Socks collection! Which pair was your favorite? Were there any that were not as exciting as others to you?

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