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Cruise On With These Nautical Mickey Inspired Designs!

I have always been an avid Disney cruiser. I never realized exactly how many other Disney cruising fashionistas there were out there, though! In fact, many fashionistas just have the dream of doing a Disney cruise but they still love all things nautical. These fashions are for you. Cruise on with these nautical Mickey inspired designs!


There are 3 different prints to choose from with a nautical Mickey theme but within those prints are tons of different designs! I personally am a big fan of the sleeveless skater dress because I find it is one of the more flattering designs on my shape but I do have other silhouettes. I have a long sleeve skater dress (okay, still a skater dress) in the Haunted Mansion print and a pair of leggings!

The print I am wearing is the Ship Helm Mouse Ears print. I love the tiny steering wheel wth the hidden Mickeys inside. I love the idea of standing at the ship’s helm and steering it. It’s not something I’ve ever done but it would be cool! The navy blue, ocean blue and white colors of this dress pair very well with a red accent. I like to pair red, blue and white for a truly nautical feel.

There are Anchor Mouse Ears and Lifebouy Mouse Ears designs to choose from, as well. All have hidden Mickeys in the designs which make these prints a dream come true for a true nautical Disney fashionista!

All of these can be found on RainbowRules.com and you get anything from apparel to neck pillows to eye masks to bags! You can check it all out HERE. Happy cruising, fashionistas!


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Michelle is an avid Disney lover and fashionista who loves to combine her two hobbies. She loves to shop and find the newest and best Disney finds to share with her fellow fashionistas! Be sure to follow her on her Facebook page and on twitter!