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D-Style Hitting Disney Stores This Fall!

I promised the info about all the new merchandise would start rolling out to you from the D23 Expo this past weekend, as soon as I started to get settled. Well, I am happy to report that I am ready to start sharing everything I learned… and there is a lot!! Today, I am going to talk about all these new goodies I found from a new line called D-Style and it will be hitting Disney Stores this fall!

I mean, finally something that adults are going to want to also participate in! When talking to the people that were covering this particular area, I learned that much of this was intended for teens BUT when I saw the reactions of grown women, I knew that they had something even bigger in store for them than what they were thinking. This stuff is fantastic! It covers all ages of the female persuasion who love Disney and aren’t afraid to show it in their fashion sense.



Take a look at these almost vintage looking bags. They are simply ecru colored canvas but the images of some of the core characters are just incredible! There are some based on Donald Duck (including one that just shows his backside). Chip and Dale have their own larger tote and smaller makeup bags, as well Mickey and Minnie having their own, I even saw Daisy!  These are sure to be a hit!

d-styled-style alice in wonderland


There are a bunch of new looks based on the Alice in Wonderland gang, featuring a lot of the Cheshire Cat, whom I love. All that pink and black is just hot! The Cheshire Cat  purse you see is Loungefly and it is already available at select retailers but it is said to be coming to the Disney Store in October. I love the socks and I adore the shirt!! As you can see, Alice gets her own canvas, vintage style bags as well.

loungefly minnie mouseloungefly minnie mouse


Minnie Mouse is getting a ton of new purses, mostly by Loungefly. You can see that some of this is already available (like the Vans backpack). I am loving the right picture, front and center, polka dot, pastel bag is this is VERY in for fall.

2015-08-15 08.17.31

Check out all these cool new cell phone cases!! When I asked, I was told they were all for iPhone and no androids. I think they are missing out on a huge opportunity here but, regardless, they are gorgeous!



As you can see, there are a ton of different things coming to this new division of the Disney Store and there are a variety of looks you can put together. Minnie, Mickey, Lilo, Alice… there are so many characters being represented! From bags to clothes to socks to hats, there is something for everyone..

This D-Style division will be joining Disney Store this October so stay tuned!! Do you love what you see? What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment box below!!



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  • This stuff is wonderful… However it would a great investment on Disney’s behalf if they were to create more in the way of Plus Size clothing. There are few things in the Disney store that are plus sized. I bought most of my “Disney” clothing through a 3rd party vendor so I knew they would fit. Would be great to find some of this clothing and special events (ie. Halloween Shirts) in something larger than a 2x.

  • I agree. They do have some but not enough. It is definitely a market they are missing out on!

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