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Deck Out Your Phone for the Holidays

I know the holidays are supposed to be about giving back, taking the time to appreciate what you already have, and slowing down to enjoy family and friends. But is it just me, or are the holidays are filled with online shopping, scouring Pinterest for the best recipes, and posting photos of all your wonderful holiday adventures?

Maybe it’s a bad habit, but I tend to spend much more time on my phone during the holiday season and cold winter months. Since I’m on my phone so much, it might as well look cute and festive, right? If you want to deck out your phone for the holidays, you simply have to check out this Minnie Mouse Christmas Phone Case.


These quality cases will help protect your device from minor bumps, bruises, and holiday mishaps! Plus, just take a look at how absolutely fabulous Minnie Mouse looks on this design! She is all dressed up in glitter and green for Christmas.

However, if you like to charge your phone on the fly, do note that these cases are NOT wireless-charging compatible. That’s fine with me though, I always just charge my phone with a good old-fashioned cord.

Head over to MoonBirdCases on Etsy HERE to get your phone decked out in Christmas Minnie Mouse style before the holidays! Each case is just $12.00 – which is a Merry Christmas, indeed!

Let me know what you think of today’s Etsy discovery in the comment section below.

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