Dine Like A Princess With This Stunning Disney Dinner Set

There has always been this unspoken rule about “adulthood” that you have to have a fancy set of dishes. However, no one said they had to be antique florals or contemporary geometrics. I for one am all about this Disney Dinner Set. After all, they have an elegant look while still featuring some of my favorite Disney stories!


This beautiful dinnerware set has ornate gold flourishes and is perfect for Disney Fashionistas. The collection comes with four different themed sets of four pieces. Each themed set includes a dinner plate, dessert plate, bowl, and mug. The themes each have their own special emblematic design and unique pastel tinting! This set has Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. These are truly stunning to gaze upon, but let’s not tuck them away in the cabinet, I say let’s show them off and use them often!

Cinderella is a dream with a baby blue hue.

The Little Mermaid is splashed in light aqua.

Aladdin is a wonder in lavender.

Beauty and the Beast is pale yellow, much like Belle’s iconic dress.

These are a ceramic dinnerware set with a gold flourish design and are also not for the microwave or dishwasher.

We had shared these dishes earlier this year and they sold out quickly. Now they are back in time for the holidays and they are ON SALE! They are now only $79.99 from $99 and they are eligible for Prime shipping!

Would you dine like a Disney Princess with this gorgeous Disney Dinner Set?

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Danielle is born and raised in Sunny South Florida just a short drive south of Walt Disney World. A long time lover of fashion, and crafting, she is a proud wife, and mom. She is also a part time Princess by day, while a stylish Villain by night. Be sure to follow her Disney adventures on Instagram
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