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Disney Animation Sketch Mugs Start Your Morning Off With Magic

Disney Animation Sketch Mugs

Looking for a way to add a bit of magic to your morning coffee routine? These Disney Animation Sketch Mugs might just be the perfect way to start of the day! Choose from one of four friends to join you for your morning coffee, or collect the entire set.


These stackable mugs have a matte finish on the exterior with a contrast gloss interior glaze! The color makes the animation cycle sketch art of Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, and Bambi come to life. All four are available on shopDisney, and retail for $14.95 a piece.

Stitch Animation Sketch Mug

Experiment 626 beds down for a nap in a series of expressive animation sketches on this ceramic mug! The interior is even the iconic blue color of Stitch’s fur!

Bambi Animation Sketch Mug

Twist your mug to watch as Bambi learns to walk in the series of animation sketches on this mug, with a green contrast that reminds us of Bambi’s home in the woods.

Minnie Mouse Animation Sketch Mug

Minnie’s songbird flies the coop on this mug’s cycle of animation sketches! You’ll have to twist the mug around to find out if she catches it or not. Of course, Minnie’s signature red adds a pop of color on the inside.

Winnie the Pooh Animation Sketch Mug

The animation sketches on this mug show our favorite silly ol’ bear chasing a butterfly. I really love how the yellow inside the mug is the same as Pooh Bear’s yellow fur.

The Disney Animation Sketch Mugs make the morning a little more magical with their fun blend of characters and art. You can find all four now on shopDisney.

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