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Mickey K-Cups Are A Swell Way To Start The Morning

Mickey K-Cups

I’ve always said I run on Disney and COFFEE! I’m not alone either, coffee is something that many of us Disney fans love. Of course, Disney coffee is always the best, and Disney lovers than own a Keurig can use these fun Mickey K-Cups!


These fun Mickey inspired coffee pods come in four flavors, to get your morning started off with magic. Available at the Disney Parks in packs of 12 you can get Blonde Roast, French Vanilla, Mickey’s Morning Roast, and the Signature Blend. Each 12 pack retails for $16.99.


The signature blend is a medium roast coffee, that is a bright and aromatic blend of Central and South American Coffees. This is a good traditional type of roast.


Mickey’s Morning is a dark roast! This is a heavy bodied coffee, with a rich finish. It’s a perfect beverage for starting the day!


Mickey’s Blonde coffee is a well balanced mellow roast with full-bodied flavor. This has a sweet flavor, that is smooth and creamy.


Of course, for those of us who love flavored coffee, there is a Mickey’s Coffee: French Vanilla! This is a sweet french roasted coffee that has a pinch of vanilla, for a touch of flavor without overpowering the sweet flavor.

Just look how cute these little Mickey K-Cups are!

For even more Disney magic with your coffee, you can find this fun Mickey Head K-Cup display on Etsy to store them in!

Would you add these fun Mickey K-Cups to your morning routine?

If you’d like to add these Disney k-cups to your morning, be sure to email our preferred personal shopper at [email protected], to see if she can brew some up for you! 

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