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Disney Bath Bombs Are Fun For All Ages!

As someone who spends their fair share of money at Basin, while at Disney, I can truly get behind this special find. People of all ages like to take baths. Am I right?? What if they were not only helpful for your body but fun colors, scented and… wait for it… filled with a surprise?? You won’t believe these Disney bath bombs that are fun for all ages!



There are a ton of different themes of these bath bombs but I am going to start with some of my favorites. These Princess bath bombs come in different scents and colors, which you can choose, and are filled with a Disney Princess toy! As the bath bomb dissolves, a Princess emerges in the bath water to play with. I know that adults don’t play with Princess toys anymore ( most likely) but this is still a super cool gift for all ages!


There are also Frozen themed ones. Look at the surprises you could find! I think it would be hilarious to find Sven in my bathtub!



There are classic Disney characters as well! I have a few male friends that are Disney addicts and LOVE to take baths! These and the previously mentioned bath bombs are $6.99.

I can show you all the different choices but that would take forever. I suggest that you head over to this cute little store on Etsy called TheCosmicCompany and see for yourself. There are other themed ones, as well! I saw Walking DeadMinion, Sponge Bob, and Bubble Guppies to list a few. I am in love with my new find! Happy shopping!!

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