Disney Bounding

Disney Bounding at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards

Watching the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards last night, we found ourselves gawking at some of the Disney-inspired gowns that celebrities donned on the red carpet. Let’s be honest – the celebrity probably picked out the dress from a myriad of beautiful designer dresses not with Disney in mind – but we think otherwise!

There are definite Disney touches as you can scroll through below.

Gal Gadot as the Caterpillar/Butterfly from Alice. The sequin detailing of the bodice, along with the color scheme make this match fly.

So it’s not the typical blue… but we are LOVING the ethereal star accents on Emma Stone’s gown that are like Elsa’s snowflakes. The metal, jewelry-like accents, too, remind us of the ice princess.

There is something so whimsy about Nicole Kidman’s look that make it seem so Glinda from Oz: The Great and Powerful. The off shoulder sleeves remind us of Glinda’s powerful bubbles.

Yellow was a popular color of choice last night! Reese Witherspoon sported a classic (plain Jane, eh?) yellow gown that is so Jane from Tarzan.

Hailee Steinfeld’s flowy lavender panelled gown reminded us of no other than Jasmine. It has the perfect movement and shape for a magic carpet ride.

Evan Rachel Wood stuck to her suit favorites. The neck bow and tailored silhouette is so Mary Poppins.

Sporting two different hues of grey, Anna Kendrick went Meeko.

Probably our favorite of the GG Disneybounding looks! Felicity Jones as Miss Adelaide from The Aristocats. The identical ruffles and bow accents are uncanny.

RAWR! Kerri Russell attacked the scene in leopard print, like Sabor from Tarzan.

Janelle Monae’s dress lays in the perfect Ursula tentacle shapes, with polka dots seemingly bubbles of the ocean or ridges of her tentacles.

How sweet is Lily Collins as Vanelope von Schweetz? Like Vanelope, Lily looks like true royalty.

What do you think Disney Fashionistas? Did these celebrities make the Disney cut?


Thanks to Getty images for the pictures!

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