Disney Bounding

Disney Bounding with Tinker Bell

This week’s Disney Bounding look is inspired by that impish but darling pixie we all love – Tinker Bell. We curated the perfect pom pom ballet flats and dress to make this Disney Bounding look appear modern and straight from your closet.

Scroll below to see what items we chose for our Tinker Bell: Dash of Pixie dust look.

Two things make this look definitive of Tinker Bell: the dress and the shoes. We didn’t want just any ordinary green dress. We adored this green ombre dress that has a bit of sparkle and tattered-like edges that seem pixie whimsy. These gold pom pom ballet flats are both practical for walking the parks all day and fitting for the Tink look.

What separates Disney bounding from cosplay are literal interpretations. It would be far too cosplay and cliche to feature a wand, so we’ve incorporated the wand via these beautiful Swarovski star dangling earrings. Every pixie needs her satchel of pixie dust on hand! This necklace makes others aware of who you’re Disney Bounding without being in-your-face with Tinker Bell logo items. Get it!?

While traditional Tinker Bell is not known for having flowers in her blonde bun, with the variations of different Tinkerbells, we like the idea of adding a flower crown suggestive of her hailing from a faraway land such as Neverland. We paired the flower crown with a flower embossed green leather clutch.

What do you think of Tinker Bell: Dash of Pixie dust? Would you wear this look? Let us know what you think in the comment box below! Also, send us pictures and be featured on our website.

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