Disney Bounding

Disney Bounding with Vanellope von Schweetz

If it wasn’t the Easter Bunny’s bountiful goodies, it was surely the onslaught of baby shower and birthday extravaganzas I experienced this weekend that has me on a SUGAR RUSH!

Still at the peak of my sugar high, I’ve taken inspiration this week from the sweetest of them all: Vanellope von Schweetz.

So buckle up, fashionistas, and join me for a sweet ride. We’re headed full throttle with Vanellope: Neapolitan Neverland!

Vanellope is no glitch! She’s the Princess of Sugar Rush and princesses do as they please. She does not discriminate against any sweets. Donuts, gummy bears, Swedish fish, licorice, cupcakes, ice cream, bubblegum… they are all fair game!

This look is rooted in COLOR, mostly featuring pops of magenta and a pastel palette. This punchy palette is on par with the spunk of this 9-year-old pistol (am I the only one that sees the Punky Brewster likeness?!).

A plain ole mint hoodie and drab brown skirt wouldn’t do, so I paired a mint & jade colorblock hoodie and metallic bronze pleated skirt suited for the royal heinous as a golden Reese’s wrapper. Pair a white and mint tube sock along with a pink and mint argyle sock for mismatched quirkiness to resemble candy canes. To cross the finish line and restore her code to return to the throne, Vanellope has to have swagged out and comfy shoes!

I opted for black suede Steve Madden Cynthia booties with a beautiful gold mirrored heel. I own these and not only do they get an A+ for comfort, but they allure onlookers like the beauts they are! They’re sure to distract other “racers”! Sweep up your hair into a high ponytail and twist in a metallic pink hairband to be worn as a Twizzler pony holder.

Onto the accessories… This is where the real sweets are at! We’ve prepared some arm candy with a “Candy Parlour” Swatch, which features a coral and aqua silicone body and a multi-colored dot face, as well as a Sweets bangle. Loop a dainty Kate Spade ice cream cone pendant necklace around your neck as a talisman of luck and pop in Betsey Johnson “Candy Land” heart studded earrings.

Lastly, a Kawaii-inspired Betsey Johnson donut crossbody is a tasty addition with its winky face and colorful sprinkles.

What do you think of the Vanellope: Neapolitan Neverland look, Disney fashionistas? Are you feeling the Sugar Rush? Let us know in the comments below!

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