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Disney Bounding With The Disney Fashionista- Maleficent!!




As promised I am starting a series of Disney Bounding articles and I thought why not start with the star of this year’s Disney blockbuster… Maleficent! It’s Halloween this month and who doesn’t want to bring out their inner villain?! I sure do!  Let’s take a look at how to embody one of the greatest villains  (even though it would appear she’s really just a scorned lover) of all time.

I’m going to start with the outfit. After just having completed the Tower of Terror Ten Miler, I saw many people dressed in costume as their favorite villain. I thought, why not change this up and embody Maleficent while Disney Bounding! Maleficent’s color palette includes purple, green and black. As you can see, with a top from Raw Threads in purple and black, a pair of active wear pants with green trim and purple accessories (shoes and head band), you can easily embody this fabulous villain…. Active Maleficent!!


active mailficent

Now, I am going to take this one step farther, bare with me. I recently saw a news posting where jeans have been replaced in America as the number one clothing item… with yoga pants or active wear. Now, if this is true, people are wearing looks, like the one pictured above, to go to the mall or out to dinner. I figured, if people are really doing this, then they also need to finish the rest of this look up… with makeup! Katelynn Rose has created the following look and has given us the instructions on how to make this look a reality. Now, if you aren’t one to wear bright eye makeup (like I am) then you could always simplify this look by applying lighter shades of the same color or tweaking it to your liking. This is most definitely the way I would do it, though. I like to be bold!


How to Get this look:

1. Use a pencil or a gel liner to make the round pointed shape on the eye…make sure to follow the natural shape of your eye and wing it out…just like you apply liner
2. Make the edges cleaner using a make-up remover wipe or concealer
3. Fill in the shape with a black purple eyeshadow and apply purple glitter on top
4. Apply mascara and false lashes and you’re done

Alright everyone, here’s the first look in our Disney Bounding series. What do you think? Would you wear this? I’d love to know! Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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