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Disney Bounding With The Disney Fashionista- Princess Jasmine

It’s time for another day in Disney bounding with the Disney Fashionista and this week we are going with another Princess. This princess is jaded at the beginning of her story and, ironically, that’s pretty much part of her color palette. Thankfully, Princess Jasmine’s story ends happily and she is jaded no more. She is able to have relaxed days, knowing that her future love is secure in the arms of Aladdin. This week, we have decided to go with that feel and give you a carefree Jasmine!



This outfit is super comfortable and I admit that I ordered the majority of this look, which I don’t always do. I understand not everyone will enjoy each of the looks, or all of the pieces of a look we create, but this one works for me in my every day life and I love the colors!!! We started this look with an aqua/mintish color tunic with a handkerchief hem line and I think this type of look is flattering on a multitude of body types. We paired it with casual jeans in the color sesame. Since we are staying casual and carefree, we opted for comfy ballet flats in the same aqua color. I think the look is simple but classic but that’s before we jazz it up with some accessories!

Let’s talk about the handbag first because I love a good handbag! I have shelving in my closet for my handbag collection. This is a fabulous leather bag from Michael Kors in that same aqua color scheme. The headband is floral beaded and alsoin teal. The jewelry is all from one of my favorite jewelers, Beautiful Baubles. The earrings have a paisley puffed, gold tear drop post with beautiful mint green alabaster bezel and I think they tie the outfit together perfectly. The necklace and bracelet are of the same design in which you have teal orchids set in gold. They come as a set and really remind me of Princess Jasmine. Remember that if you decide you are interested in the jewelry from Beautiful Baubles, you can enter discount code disfashion5 for a 5% discount.

That’s it for this week in Disney Bounding with the Disney Fashionista. Did you like our look for Jasmine? Is there a particular piece you just have to have? Let me know in the comment box below.

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